Watch The Dazzling Process Of How Ink Gets Made

Pick up any recent magazine, newspaper, or product package, and you might not realise all that goes into the colourful designs before you. Watch in awe as this video shows you the artistry, and science, used at the very core of print design—the inks.

The video, produced by Toronto-based Vepo Studios, features the facilities of The Printing Ink Company. There, the president and head inkmaker, Peter Welfare, shows us just how they make their incredible printing inks.

The four pigments—Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK)—start out as a simple powder. To get the right consistency, the pigments are combined with a honey-like substance called the "vehicle." Only after further cooking, milling, mixing, and a thorough testing process, can the ink be considered a finalised product.

Watching this video, you can't help but be moved by the wonder of it all. You want to reach out as the ink gets pulled and kneaded like a soft taffy, or maybe even mix a colour of your own creation. Most of all, you can't help but appreciate the striking elegance of pure colour. [Devour]

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