US Military's War On PowerPoint Explained... Through PowerPoint

The US Army has advanced its war on PowerPoint, Wired conveyed on the tannoy from the first of their monthly naval-gazing sessions on internal issues. Apparently, one officer announced "Death by PowerPoint"... through the medium of PowerPoint. Effective like a hand grenade!

It's not just PowerPoint that the US Army is struggling with, according to Wired's stories from the event. Broadband speeds were attacked by some of the participating soldiers and officers, with one talking of her negative IT experiences impacting on her learning the Arabic language: "When it takes 10 minutes to download one page... it's boring, and you don't like it."

All of this will come to a head in April, when the chief of staff General George Casey will present his "Unified Quest" report on internal reform. The US Army obviously has cause to panic, with the younger recruits they're trying to lure in being easily turned off by the crusty antiquity of the Army's internet. [Wired]

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