True Acoustic Art Takes 1400 Man Hours, $US320,000

Last weekend I visited the Barnes Foundation art gallery in Philadelphia, and among my favourite pieces were the sculptures of Jacques Lipchitz. The Vox Olympian Loudspeaker hangs with them aesthetically, and it can play music too.

The Vox Olympians, designed for superyachts, are crafted in England by a company called Living Voice. They're made with some materials you know are good, like gold, silver and bronze, and some that sound like they're good, like tellurium, beryllium and alnico. Each pair takes 1400 man-hours to make.

The cheapest they run is £210,000 (about $347,000), which is outrageously expensive, even compared to the run-of-the-mill ultra rich person gear you normally come across. But if I had a boatload of money, buying speakers that were as good for looking at as they were for listening to would probably be something I'd consider. [Born Rich]

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