To Hold HTC's Desire Z Is To Love It

I've personally been waiting so long for the Desire Z, I felt like my mind would explode once I held it. Luckily, I'm still alive to tell the tale of how beautiful the phone is to hold.

It's the thinness which does it for me. With its new "Z hinge" slide-out process, HTC has managed to keep the waistline down on the Desire Z, with the shaped corners helping make it appear even thinner than it is - much like the MacBook Air does.

I mention an Apple product because, like the HTC Legend, it feels like something Apple would make. In fact - if I may say ever so controversially - if Apple were to create a QWERTY iPhone, I doubt it'd be as beautiful as this.

But beauty isn't everything, as you will have noticed. Running the newly improved HTC Sense on top of Android, the whole experience is as fast as you've come to expect from HTC's Android phones and the responsiveness of the touchscreen is high.

I'm looking forward to having a longer play later, once I film it for you all, but in the meantime, here are some quick photos I managed to grab in the cluster of crazed phone fans:

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