Time Warner Expands List Of What Won't Be Available On Apple TV

Time Warner chief Jeff Bewkes, saying that $US0.99 TV rentals could "jeopardise" the entire medium, is now the third content giant to give Apple's rental model a big media middle finger. And he's not alone.

Bewkes' comments place Time Warner alongside NBC and Warner Bros (though the latter is a subsidiary of Time Warner itself) in the categorical "hell no" corner. Apple still has Fox and ABC on their side, but what shows will be notably absent from the rental library? Possibly some of your favourites.

Time Warner alone is a massive media conglomerate, owning many popular television networks. Their refusal to play ball with Apple means no HBO, CW, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim or anything produced by Warner Bros - a massive catalogue.

If you're a Netflix subscriber, NBC's exclusion might not be such a loss. Some of their best programming - 30 Rock, SNL and The Office, to name a few - are all available to stream via Netflix. Otherwise, you're totally out of luck.

The Apple TV looks to be a capable little box - but whatever voodoo Steve Jobs worked over on Fox and ABC clearly isn't spreading.

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