This Week’s Best Apps

This Week’s Best Apps

In this week’s rockin’ and rollin’ round up: Shazam, improved; Spidey’s webs, slung; photographs, bubble-ified; space, explored; to do lists, beautified; iPad music-making, jettisoned into the future and more!



Spider-Man: Total Mayhem

We haven’t gone in deep with Total Mayhem yet, but Matt got a chance to try it out at E3 and says it was “great” and “felt like the console games but translated”.

Early reviewers of the massive game – almost 500MB of Spider-Man goodness! – tend to agree, noting that the graphics were silky smooth (befitting of the hero himself). We’ll be back with our thoughts once we’re done saving New York and crouching pensively on the Chrysler building. $9.




Angry Birds Beta: The ridiculously popular game that’s become a phenomenon on the iPhone is finally available on Android (albeit in beta form). There’s just 15 levels right now, but that’s enough to build an itch that you’ll scratch forever. Check out the game’s trailer above to see what the hype is all about.



If you’re a serious Twitter user, you’ll probably love it. It’s designed to be a complete tweet-and-browse-and-tweet-some-more package, so you can consume what people are tweeting and everything they’re linking to, inside of a single app. The tradeoff for the added complexity is that more casual Twitter users might prefer simpler-feeling apps like Twitterific.

It is indeed powerful, perhaps unnecessarily so, but it’s free and official and worth checking out to see if it suits you. Free. Big PIcture


NASA’s new iPad app lets space fans catch up with all the latest happenings, track satellites, watch NASA TV, leaf through its archive of fantastic imagery and much, much more.

It’s been possible to stream NASA TV on Apple devices for quite some time, but now there’s more to play in between broadcasts. The app lets iPad users browse NASA’s image database, read up on current missions and future launch data or track satellites, with a specific section telling you when to open the window and look out for the International Space Station passing overhead.

NASA’s App HD for iPad is out now on iTunes, for free.

The vastness of space! On your futuristic tablet! For free!

Seline HD

We are so crazy about apps right now you wouldn’t believe it. If you have recommendations, tips or just want to let us know about your own app, drop a note in the comments or shoot me an email.