This 3DTV Has Sharp's Quattron Tech For Four-Colour Rendering

Sharp's billing this TV as the world's first 3DTV with Quattron technology - which isn't hard, considering it's their own invention, which adds a fourth colour, yellow, to great effect. It aims to increase brightness by 1.8 times.

When Sharp announced they'd discovered the colour yellow, there were a few sniggers in the back row. However, a year on, and they've really impressed in reviews of their Quattron-boasting TVs. This 3D panel will no doubt wow too. Quattron works by expanding the colour gamut, and as they say, rendering the colours in more faithful tones.

The TV will come in a 60-inch size and will be compatible with active shutter glasses. Super Edge LED backlighting and their IPTV-like service Aquos Net Plus will do the usual Flickr/YouTube apps.

Only the UK pricing has been announced so far, and while £3500 ($US5300) sounds like an awful lot, it's still cheaper than Samsung's C9000 which is only 46 inches and costs $US3400.

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