There's A House Hidden In This Photograph

Look closely. There is a house hidden in this photograph. It's right there in plain sight. Can't you see it? Perhaps looking from another angle will help you.

The photo above shows the house's front, as you approach it from the road. It's just a gargantuan natural boulder, which is why the house itself is called the Joshua Tree Boulder House. This is the view from the back:

And this is the back itself:

The 158sqm home rises in desert wonderland, right on the Joshua Tree State Park in California. It has two bedrooms, two full baths, full kitchen with steel appliances, stained concrete flooring, air conditioning, double-pane window walls and 9-inch, 1kg foam insulation all around. And it can be all yours for just $US1.35 million. Not that bad.

Unlike the humble Flintstones house in Portugal, I want to live in this one. [Joshua Tree Boulder House via Archdaily]

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