There Is A Qantas Plane On The Moon

There Is A Qantas Plane On The Moon

No, this incredible image is not a Photoshop montage, and that’s not Batman’s plane. It’s a Qantas Dash 8 Q 400, a twin-propeller passenger aeroplane passing in front of the Moon in Australia. This is how it was taken:

Today, I achieved something I have wanted to do for a considerable length of time: A plane crossing the moon.

Everyday this Qantas Dash 8 Q 400 flys over our country property,always at 5.30 pm, without fail—I have watched it fly ‘through’ the moon a few times.

Today, the moon was at the ‘right’ phase-approx in line with the planes flight path. So I set up gear (I have done this drill quite a few times!)

I saw the plane along way of and thought ‘no-its not going to hit’,I stayed beside scope just in case,then as it got closer,I could see “it was going to line up!”

My palm started to sweet—buck fever. I only want to pull the trigger when I knew the plane was in the centre of the moon. I got my wish!

The shot was taken in South East Queensland at 5.30pm on September 16. Chris – the photographer – used a Vixen 103 ED refractor on a Vixen GP mount, guiding by a Vixen SS2K. His camera was Canon 450D at 1/250s, set on ISO200.

One shot in a million, indeed. [Ice In Space via APOD]