The Year's Best Smallest Photography

Every year, Nikon's Small World photomicrography contest collects the very best in microscopic photography, and every year the results are strange, beautiful and pretty difficult to identify. This tiny cosmos is just soap bubbles. Soy sauce looks even crazier:

Crystallised soy sauce, to be exact. Betsy Mason, one of this year's judges, has hand-picked some of her favourites among this year's winners over at Wired.

The full set should be up on Nikon's site soon, and in the meantime you can sift through the top entries and help decide the popular vote. The order of the judges selections will be announced October 13.

Where to go from here? You can simply appreciate how much microscopic beauty is contained in that soy sauce you just dunked your dumpling in, or you can pick up your $US10 iPhone microscope and get to work. [Nikon via Wired]

Image credit Nikon Small World

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