The Struggle To Find Where The Sticky Tape Begins Could Be Over

Whenever I use sticky tape, I find myself struggling to figure where it begins—mostly because I don't use tape dispensers or fold back the end—but my struggle might be over thanks to this new tape concept.

The V-Tape concept design is pretty basic. It's just a plain ol' roll of tape with a little v-shaped cut along one edge. Thanks to that cut, you'll tear off the tape in the same spot each time and know where to find the end.

The downside of the design is that you'll always have to use certain lengths of tape and possibly waste a lot in the process, so it's not exactly perfect. [Yanko Design]


    and every length would be slightly shorter and shorter as you go..

    Why don't they attach a pull out tab from the inner tube that latches on/you can press on to any spot (under the open end bit of tape) on the outside?

    What if you just want a short piece of tape?

    Usually I just fold the end over when I'm done with it.

    OMG the world is saved!

    Another complete waste of tech time. If not being able to find the end is that much of a hassle, buy a fucking dispenser. They work. Have done for years.

      Woah Kif, honey, calm down would ya? So much rage over such a small thing!

        No, let's let the nerd rage go on. I want to see his head explode.

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