The Segway Web Video Hall Of Fame

Today's been a sad day for Segway, so we thought we'd lighten the mood a little bit. Being kind of ridiculous to begin with, Segways make for naturally funny web videos. Here are the best ones we could find.

Compilation of Crashes

Of course, not everyone is familiar with a Segway. Here's a nice compilation of epic crashes and accidents (we sincerely hope that everyone who crashed is OK).

Chimpanzee on a Segway

And sometimes, a chimpanzee is brave and balanced enough to figure out how to work a Segway. This one is fearless, I just love how he looks back at everybody with a wide grin on his face.

Justin Bieber's Failed Segway Getaway

Biebermania. Justin Bieber, teen idol, decided the best way to avoid getting trampled by his pre-teen fans was to roll off in a Segway. Silly, I know, but I can't say I wouldn't do the same. The school-aged girls wouldn't be denied and eventually caught up to him.

Woz on a Segway

A cheery Woz, Segway extraordinaire, explains the intricacies of Segway Polo in this video, like accidentally throwing the ball (do polo players use a ball?) at someone's face.

Security Guard Dancing on a Segway

When you got the moves, you just got the moves. Doesn't matter what sorta moving surface you're on, you'll still be able to dance better than everyone else in the room.

BONUS: Our 43rd President, George W. Bush, Falling Off a Segway

You got me, this wasn't a real video but the pictures are enough! It sure didn't look like W was able to get a good handle on the Segway (among other things). But I mean, I still like the guy. And I applaud his effort.

DOUBLE BONUS: Two Guys Travelled Across America On Segways and Filmed It

10mph is a documentary about two guys who ditched jobs that stuck 'em in a cubicle for a chance to see what America is about. On Segways. You can actually watch the whole movie on YouTube.

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