The Nintendo Famicom All Pulled Apart

Before there was the NES, there was the Nintendo Family Computer, also known as Famicom, an early version of the ultra-popular console sold in Asian markets starting in 1983. So, wanna see what the guts of a video game revolution look like?

These shots from iFixit and Wired show the inside of what Wired deems "the spiritual home of Mario". How can you hate that.

And if you're curious about the chips on that board:

Ricoh RP2A03G 8-bit, 1.79 MHz CPU Ricoh RP2C02G-0 8-bit, 5.32 MHz PPU Toshiba TC40H368P hex bus buffers Sharp LH5216D-12 static RAM Hitachi HD74LS139P decoder/demultiplexer Fujitsu MB74LS373

Lotta big names in Mario's spiritual home, those are. Check out Wired and iFixit for more Famicom porn. [Wired]

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