The iPod Nano Watch Is Here, And It Is Glorious

Everyone knew it the moment they saw it. Hell, even Steve Jobs alluded to it when he was unveiling the thing. The new multitouch iPod Nano was made to be strapped to a watch band. Here it is for $US17.

OK, so there's still the issue of having headphones plugged into your watch at all times. And the limits of the Nano's looks-like-iOS-but-can't-run-apps-like-iOS operating system. But these things are pretty minor when you consider that this time next week you could be wearing an IPOD as a WATCH. Imagine the look on your 2001 self's face if you told them that in under a decade you'd be wearing one of those iPod things on your wrist. It'd be a look of incredulity. And longing!

The 22mm Maratac Nylon band slips through the Nano's clip and is available in a variety of colours to make sure you're all nice and coordinated. Just think: "Oh excuse me, what time is it?" "Hold on... let me check my iPod." "No, you must've misheard me because of those earbuds you have in your ears - I didn't ask what song you were listening to, I asked for the time!" "I know." $US17. Go buy one already! [County Comm via Techeblog]


    it's still juuuuust a bit too big. depends on the person i guess (i have girly wrists).

    Also, how easily does it slip off and smash on the ground? I guess being made to clip to shirts it would probably be pretty stable.


      Juuuust a little big.

    I bet if they had just chilled out a little bit and not rushed something out onto the market to try and capitalise on the new ipod design, they could have come up with a much better material than Nylon. Practical?.. yeah sure, but stylish?.. far, far from it.

      This was my first thought too, could they have made it any uglier?

    It would be cool if it had bluetooth then you can strap it to your car steering wheel and have it control your music.

    Having your headphones connected to your wrist while you are walking around is just plain akward.

      you can wear long sleeve

      JNYBLUE's bluetooth idea would fix that too... Wearing a pair of logitech pulse's without the bulk of an ipod would be pretty cool.

      Shame it would kill the battery life though...

    I want one for jogging... not for a watch.

    All we need is a low-power bluetooth module which can be designed to fit on a FPC, then you can build that into the watch strap... This is awesome, I can see this really taking off... I'd buy the iPhone version for sure!

    i would never use it as watch mainly because its not water resistant.

    Ehh,... Ugly!!

    We shouldn't be giving jobs too much credit when i already wear my desktop computer as a wrist watch. Power to weight ratio is awesome and with a long enough power extension cord I can move up to 15 feet in any direction i like.

    I think a dedicated Iwatch is the next big thing. isnt there a rumour that Samsung is already doing it with android? or something like that. I wants either way. No data input or anything I just want my latest SMS emails and notifications to be displayed there. Have it linked to my iphone so when i pull out my iphone I can smash out a reply.

    please, make it so it can run apps, make it use a high res screen (like a 'Retina' equiv). and, if possible, make it slightly cheaper.

    I can think of so many uses for such a tiny computer.

      more powerful, higher resolution and... cheaper you say. err, not likely.

      Run apps? Higher res screen? You're thinking of the iPod touch. Apple will never release something that will overlap and possibly step on the touch's and iphone's toes, else they'd be cutting into their own profit margins.

      Cheaper? Dream on. If there's a chance for Apple to make more money, they'd go for it.

    Tune in next week when Gizmodo discover how with your new Ipod Nano, you can play music!!

    Would the battery last long enough to go a day??

    And while this can be used on a wrist strap the same way it's on a shoulder strap now, it will never be a 'watch'. Anyone who's handled the Nano will know that the clip is quite large. There's no way for this thing to hold on snugly. This will jostle, move and chafe everytime it bumps something around you (not a good thing when it's on such an exposed piece of skin)

    Secondly and possibly most obviously, it's not waterproof. This is a very important feature if you're going to be using this as an accessory, even if you don't swim or go diving etc, it protects the device against accidental dunking, rain etc.

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