The Evolution Of The Modern Kitchen (It's Intelligent Design)

This collapsible solar cooker from 1970 is just one piece from the Museum of Modern Art's new exhibit, Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen, a whirlwind trip through the evolution of the modern kitchen. Thank you, WWII and electricity.

A miraculous little history captured in a single room, it features everything from propaganda posters and the Chemex coffee pot to a complete "Frankfurt Kitchen", designed in in the late 1920s by architect Grete Schütte-Lihotzky, and this 1968 Italian mobile fold-out (pictured). It's at least worth a Friday night jaunt to MoMA, when admission is free, courtesy of Target. Though sadly, it's missing that most essential 21st century kitchen gadget: the egg-poaching toaster. [MoMA, NYT]

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