The Doll House That Is Actually A Human House

This very old farm house on the Canadian tundra looks like any ordinary farm house from the front. Then you get to its back and discover that it is really a playhouse for human-sized dolls.

Back in 2007, Saskatchewan artist Heather Benning decided to get this old farm house that once sat on her father's land, rip apart the whole north facade, and cover it with plexiglass:

We used to have an abandoned farm on my father's land where I grew up, and I used to play there a lot when I was younger. I'd play inside the house. I wanted to show the passage of time … I was able to show what it looked like before it was left, but then what it looks like now, you know, 35 years later. I chose to leave the porch on there, which is rotted out, and [leave]everything to look quite rustic on the outside.

That's why she painted the interior like a real doll house. She did it so well that, just by the choice of colours and furniture, it tricks the brain into thinking it is the real thing:

Then again, we all live in life-sized doll houses. Some of them with glass facades too.

Now, time has passed again, and the house is completely abandoned, rotting away off Highway 2 near Sinclair, Manitoba, Canada.

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