The Complete PlayStation Move Compendium

The Complete PlayStation Move Compendium

The Playstation Move brings PlayStation 3 owners into the world of motion gaming with a high-definition bang. Are you ready?

Here’s a run down of everything we know about the hardware, about the games, about the technology.

This round-up includes more than a baker’s dozen game reviews and impressions, more than 20 original videos showing off the technology, hardware and games in action and plenty of opinion.

This page will be updated throughout the month as we lead toward the launch of the Move on September 15 in Europe, September 19 in North America and October 21 in Japan.

What We Loved, What We Hated About the Playstation Move
Due out later this month, the Playstation Move promises to deliver the best of two worlds: The motion-sensing realism and casual fun of the Wii combined with raw muscle power and high-definition graphics of the Playstation 3. Here’s a concise summary of our exhaustive coverage.[imgclear]

PlayStation Move Review: The Motion Controller Wars Start Now
In the four years since its launch, the Nintendo Wii has made motion-controlled gaming not just its dominion, but a hugely profitable business. But by the end of the year Nintendo will be back where they started, slugging away with two well-monied competitors for the hearts, the minds, the flailing limbs of gamers.[imgclear]

It’s A Move! Beauty Shots Of Our Newest PS3 Controller And Its Older Brothers
We have a Move and a Navigation Controller. The PlayStation 3’s new motion controllers pose here, alongside fruit, a PS3 DualShock, an Xbox 360 controller and a Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Comparison videos and lots of button tests included.[imgclear]

Move Sports Champions Review: A Cut, A Spike, A Toss Above the Rest
Sports Champions is bound to be the most owned PlayStation Move game when the motion-detecting peripheral hits the Playstation 3 on September 19.[imgclear]

Kung Fu Rider Review: Tony Hawk Suggestive Jam
They’re launching the PlayStation Move with a game that plays like a Tony Hawk downhill trick racer, if Tony was a nerdy private detective guy or a girl who knelt on a chair and stuck her butt in your face.[imgclear]

Tumble Review: Barebone Blocks
Playing with blocks never gets old, especially if you’re using a motion-control enabled PlayStation 3 to do it.[imgclear]

Start The Party Review: Reality Improved, Ridiculously
The most futuristic thing you can do in video games so far this year is to play Start The Party.[imgclear]

Racquet Sports For Move Is PS3 Sports Tennis
If it wasn’t for the fact that it appears to be an – ahem – expansion of Wii Sports Tennis, the most notable aspect of Ubisoft’s Move version of Racquet Sports would be that its characters look like Xbox 360 Avatars.[imgclear]

High Velocity Bowling Is the Worst of the Move Bunch
High Velocity Bowling first hit the PlayStation Network back in 2007, but later this month it’s getting an update, adding PlayStation Move support to the bowling game.[imgclear]

Beat Sketcher, The Best PlayStation Move Game You Weren’t Expecting
Last week: I had no desire to paint music using a PlayStation 3 motion controller. This week: I yearn to play the full version of Beat Sketcher. Remember that game name.[imgclear]

How Echochrome II Works, Besides Wonderfully
We’ve already been drooling about Echochrome ii here. Kind of unsightly. But look at this video I shot of the demo version of this upcoming PlayStation 3 Move game and tell me I should stop.[imgclear]

TV SuperStars, The Move’s First Fake Gameshow
You hear talk about games that are “not for you”. You try to keep an open mind. You play Gears of War; you play de Blob. You enjoy both. But here, at last, a game that’s not for me.[imgclear]

I Did An Obi-Wan With The PlayStation 3’s First Move Light Gun Game
The light gun game, like the fighting game, has enjoyed a revival over the past few years. And while there is no light gun Street Fighter IV, the tech in the Wii Remote, and now in the PlayStation 3 Move, raises hopes that the genre will continue to charge ahead.[imgclear]

Jason, Jason, Jason, PlayStation Move, Jason
A free patch will allow Heavy Rain players to control the game with a PlayStation Move wand in one hand and either a Navigation controller or DualShock 3 in the other. So how will you find Jason? Watch.[imgclear]

Move Is A Great Addition To Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 gets a healthy helping of motion controlling when the Move releases later this month.[imgclear]

Even Move Can’t Salvage The EyePet
There’s not a whole lot you can do with the EyePet at this point to make it the sort of game I’d want to play.[imgclear]

Championing Sports Champions
We’re kinda, sorta in love with the PlayStation Move’s Sports Champions. Here’s why.[imgclear]

How To Mount That PlayStation Eye Camera With Minimal Fuss
The PlayStation Move controller requires that you set a PlayStation Eye camera above or below your TV. Don’t think that’ll work for you? Neither did I, until discovering this trick. Try it yourself.[imgclear]

Eyes Deep In the Magical PlayStation Move Dox
We’ve posted more than a baker’s dozen of Move reviews and 22 original videos showing off the gameplay and look of Sony’s motion controller. But this post goes out to those of you who like the static.[imgclear]

PlayStation Move Stress Tests, Using Lighting Changes And Human Distraction
The PlayStation Move can be flummoxed by bright sunlight. That’s the one stress test Sony’s new motion controller failed in a series of trials involving a range of lighting conditions and human distraction to which we subjected the Move.

The Ultimate Guide To The PlayStation Move
This is your guide to everything you need to know about the PlayStation Move: how it works, what it costs, and what games you can play on it.

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