The Avatar Fleshlight Actually Happened

I know: Wou watched our Fleshlight review and thought hey, that's great, just maybe not Avatar enough. Like, if only it were blue, and had some crazy texture. Well, creepy person, your wait is over. Meet the Fleshlight Alien.

Consider this sexy toy as either a companion product to This Ain't Avatar XXX - you can buy both as a package deal over at Fleshlight - or as a standalone for some simulated Na'vi nookie.

The Fleshlight Alien can be yours for $US75, if you want the ultimate Avatar 3D experience. Or if you just want terrify your roommate. [Fleshlight]


    Just ordered! I've been waiting for this.

    I cannot wait, this is the best thing ever.

    Yes and its pretty popular, if you are interested you can get one here in Australia

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