The Absolutely Ridiculous Weapons Of Iran

Their nuclear potential and missiles—despite the dumb Photoshops—are nothing to laugh about. But these images of Iran's ridiculous "advanced" weapons, shown at their Sacred defence Week 2010 Military Parade, are absolutely hilarious.

The parade, which celebrates their 8-year war with Iraq, looked more like a carnival than the serious military event it was supposed to be. Just look at the contraption above. Is that their version of the kamikaze mini-submarines that the Japanese used in Pearl Harbor in 1941? Maybe someone should tell them that frogmen in giant tin can torpedoes—that probably travel at 1.5 miles per hour—will not be very useful against the Fifth Fleet.

And what did they use to make that pseudo-UAV with a bomb attached? Cardboard painted with green acrylic?

Seriously, this would be sad and laughable if their leaders weren't so bloody crazy. [Military Photos via Defense Tech]

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