Telstra's Sold 100,000 T-Hubs And T-Boxes

Telstra today reported the company's performance for the first couple of months of the 2010-2011 financial year, and one figure stood out from the rest: Apparently the Telco has sold around 100,000 T-Box IPTV DVRs and T-Hub fixed home phone tablet device since they launched in June and April.

Sure, those figures aren't quite up to toppling an iPhone launch weekend, but 100,000 is still a huge number of products in people's homes. There's no further breakdown as to whether or not one has sold significantly more than the other, but they did specify that 64,000 of both devices were sold in the first two months of this financial year.

Telstra also announced that their was a 6 per cent increase in customer satisfaction scores, and a 30 per cent reduction in complaints to the ombudsman so far this year. It looks like the new strategy of not trying to completely screw over customers is working...

But the real question is who is buying the T-Hub and T-Box? Do you have one?



    I thought they looked interesting...

    Then I played with the T-Hub in the Telstra Shop and realized it was painfully crippled, 10 year old technology and generally pants.

    The T-Box looked interesting, particularly as we are with Bigpond. Then I realized that Apple TV was considerably cheaper and better suited.

    I wanted to buy them but realized they were overpriced and missed the mark. Keep up Telstra.

    I wonder how many returns they would have, if they had a satisfaction guarantee on them. Cause I know I wouldnt still own a T-boot! And how many of those sales are actually replacments for the first device that crapped itself.

    My advise, dont buy one if you havent already

    My parents have the THUB and for them its a great product. Mum watches youtube and does her facebook on the tablet and loves things like visual voicemail.

    I however have the TBOX and love it.. whilst i agree that the apple tv product does some similar things (i have one of these too) the TBOX really comes into it own with the movie rentals (unmetered download) and because i have an older LCD tv, its twin HD tuner and features meant that a new TV was not a necessity. (both of these features the apple product dosent support). at the end of the day however, both of these products suit the older generation and for products that simply work, dont require a deqree to use, telstra is heading in the right direction.

    For me this is another pointless money hungry scheme from telstra which is a great way to get people connected. two thumbs up

    [email protected]

    I've recently got a T-Box. Works well for me and simple for the entire family to use(including my wife). The Internet based fido is a little choppy and sometimes annoying when trying to watch clips. All in all a decent cheap PVR and best of all doesn't effect my Bigpond monthly download

    We were unfortunate enough to buy a T-hub, and I am now in the process of trying to get Telstra to take it back. The handset supplied acoustically resembles a tin can, resplendent with static noise. If I take a call and forget to put the handset back in the cradle, the battery doesn’t even make it through 1 day. The hub itself hangs continually, to the point where one has to dismantle it and remove the battery to re-boot the thing. The most basic applications are counter intuitive. The calendar doesn't display reminders on-screen - it only displays the number of reminders for the day. The user has to launch the calendar and find the appointments themselves. Great fun if one has forgotten to look for a couple of days. There are 100 free PD calendar apps with better usability than that. T-hub = unmerchantable quality. Off to the Department of Fair Trading I go...

    The T/hub is a Great product for the price,i have two of them keep up the good work Telstra.

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