Tawkon Android App Measures Your Phone's Radiation Levels

Tawkon, a new Android app, promises to monitor your Android phone's radiation level so you know when it's OKto talk on your phone and when it's not OK because there's too much radiation so stop talking already you chatterbox.

How can Tawkon analyse radiation levels in a phone? According to them:

Tawkon achieves this with RRI™ (Real-time Radiation Indication) patent-pending technology. RRI collects and analyzes your phone's dynamic SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) levels, network coverage, location, environmental conditions and phone usage at any given moment. RRI leverages unique smart phones capabilities such as GPS, accelerometer, proximity sensors and more to help minimize radiation exposure during mobile phone usage.

Basically, Tawkon analyses how your phone's antennas (strength, direction, angle) deal with various issues with your network coverage (distance, weather, terrain) and spits out whether it's at a safe level to talk. I'm sure there's much more analysis that goes into accurately reading radiation levels than what Tawkon is doing but giving a loose-ish estimation is better than being left in the dark. I think.

The app also gives users real-time alerts when they're on a call so users can switch over to headphones and analyses past data to see when and where is the best time to make a call. Their World Map, which is a Google Maps Map that shows the areas best suited to make calls (and the worst areas to not make calls), may prove to be most useful as a data mine if their readings are accurate.

Radiation is scary because its unknown, maybe Tawkon can help bring some transparency. [Tawkon]

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