Study: Interest In 3DTV Drops After Experiencing It First-Hand

The 3D revolution. Companies like Sony and pretty much every vendor who attended IFA the other day want it to happen yesterday. Consumers? Interested - just not to the point where they're willing to put down any coin just yet.

This is according to a Nielsen and the Cable & Television Association for Marketing study that sampled the tastes of sports-loving, video game-playing, 3D-experiencing consumers.

What they said was this: Initial interest was high but dropped off with those individuals once they actually viewed something (say, a sporting event) in the much ballyhooed 3D realm. Limited content and those glasses were also high on the list of deterrents, with an unhealthy 57 per cent saying they hated the bulky, expensive eyewear.

The graph above speaks for itself, as you can see in most cases interest falls off once the person dons the glasses and immerses themselves in 3D. One notable exception is the video game crowd - fully 71 per cent of so-called "hardcore" gamers were interested in 3D technology. If only the Killzone franchise were more mainstream! Oh, the TVs they could sell. [Nielsen via USA Today via Engadget]


    Well, this kind of validates my assumption that Samsung may have damaged 3D as a whole by releasing a sub-par product. Samsung have become the go-to name in LCD TVs for a lot of people over the last few years, so people - 88% of buyers, according to the stats - naturally assumed that they'd be the right choice for 3D.

    I wonder if these tables would be a little different if Panasonic or Sony had snagged the majority of sales with their superior 3D implementation?

    Until they can produce 3DTV without glasses, I'm just not interested!

    142 respondents is a very small base, and it would be interesting if we increased the amount of respondants and changed the question to factor in a main point when making a buying descision .... price.

    Q: How likely are you to buy a 3DTV in the next 12 months that is equivalent in price, size & features to a 2DTV?

    Alot of 3DTV's are now comparable in price to their 2D counterparts.

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