Starck Speakers Show Why Good Design Matters

These amazing Philippe Starck-designed speakers leap out from the crowd. Beautiful audio, stunning looks and excellent functionality. And while they look very 2010, they actually first hit the scene back in 2008!

We originally covered these speakers back in December 2008, a collaboration between Starck and wireless tech company Parrot (who now win the prize for most eclectic array of products in their portfolio... they make those iPhone Drones too) these speakers use NXT speaker technology to use the entire surface of the product as part of the speaker itself. 360-degree audio that is very nicely rendered, plus they feature iPod docking as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth audio integration from a range of devices and computers.

But in the end, it is that amazing look. It doesn't matter when you first spot them. They are going to look "new" for a very long time to come. Elegance is a virtue when it comes to designer tech.

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