Spider-Man: Total Mayhem For iPhone Puts Web-Slinging In The Palm Of Your Hand

Shrinking an entire beloved comic book universe down to an iPhone game is a dangerous prospect, but that's just what Spider-Man: Total Mayhem does, allowing you to swing from buildings, battle baddies, and hone your spidey senses on your iPhone.

We haven't put the game through all the paces yet, but Matt got a chance to try it out at E3 and says it was "great," and "felt like the console games, but translated." Early reviewers of the massive game—almost 500MB of Spider-man goodness!—tend to agree, noting that the graphics were silky smooth (befitting of the hero himself). We'll be back with our thoughts once we're done saving New York and crouching pensively on the Chrysler building. [iTunes]

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