Sony's iTunes Competitor Is Music Unlimited

Sony revealed its big new push into the music world last night, in the form of Music Unlimited—a new way for everyone to manage their audio collections and listen to music, entirely via the cloud.

It's based solely around streaming titles from Sony's servers rather than physically purchasing individual files, with Sony claiming this relieves users of the modern burden of having to manage their collection of MP3s. Thanks to the underlying cross-platform Qriocity delivery technology it's based upon, Music Unlimited isn't just for MP3 players and laptops. Sony will be able to deliver your tunes via internet-connected TVs, its PlayStation3 console or shove it at you through a network-connected Blu-ray player.

Sony also says the technology will work on all "future" Sony music players, plus, of course, there'll be a standalone app for regular PCs. It'll be operational on "2010 models of network-enabled BRAVIA TVs, Blu-ray Disc players, Blu-ray Home theatre systems" by the end of the year. There's going to be a fee. That's not been announced. It spoils the excitment when people mention money. [Sony EU]

Image Credit: Cnet.

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