Sony Pokes Fun Of Microsoft Kinect With

Sony, unhappy that Microsoft Kinect is getting a lot of praise for feeling like the future, just launched It's a website that hilariously shows you the importance of buttons. Here are some of their quips:

"It turns out that buttons are pretty important. Not like "save the whales" important. More like 'not play games that suck' important."

"Could you imagine gaming without buttons? Where would the control come from?"

"B is for the Best thing in gaming ever. U is for undeniably outstanding. T is for The greatest way to control anything. T is for Too many T's in this word. O is for something other than Outstanding. N is for No way out of this poem now."

It's beyond silly but there's some Kevin Butler-esque charm to it, right? I mean, the site is called, after all. [Yaybuttons via Kotaku]

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