Sony Partnering With Borders To Finally Launch The Reader In Australia

It's taken forever, but Sony has finally confirmed that they'll be launching their shiny new eReaders in Australia.

Well, technically they'll only be launching two of the three new models in Australia - the Pocket and the Touch, not the Daily Edition. The reason for this is that the Wi-Fi enabled Daily Edition really needs an online store it can purchase books from, which Sony aren't offering in Australia. Instead, they're partnering with Borders to offer books from the online Borders and Angus & Robertson eBook store.

The devices themselves include a touchscreen powered by IR sensors on the sides of the screen, meaning you practically don't even need to touch the screen for it to work. It also means the screen performs much better than the previous versions of the device.

Sony will be selling the new Readers through Angus & Robertson, Borders and Myers early this month, with a range of accessories to also be available as well. The Pocket will cost $229, while the Touch will cost $299...

Nick is a attending IFA in Berlin courtesy of Sony.



    So it's still cheaper to buy a Kindle?

    Any word on how these compare to the Kindle and Kobo?

      Well I got one. The hardware is just fine but the process of getting books on is just f*&#ed up. The process is driven by book company restrictions, software publishers and typical Sony confusing interface.
      It appears that all they sell is squarely aimed for the US and Canada markets. Even their book store in not in the list of the providers in the almost mandatory PC interface Library software. So, loading anything is a chore. It is easier just to go to the book shop and get a book :(

    Any idea if the Aussie book stores will be accessible on the old players? I've got a PRS-300

    No deal. I wanted the Daily Edition.

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