Sonic Is Slapping A Chaos Emerald Onto Your iPhone In October

After some franchise missteps, Sega is giving Sonic purists what they want: 2D, '90s-style gameplay. And iPhone gamers will be the first to take the Blue Blur for a spin, when Sonic 4 Episode 1 hits iTunes on October 7.

The new title will feature the same Genesis gameplay we loved back then, with some graphical upgrades to keep pace with the past two decades. But fear not - there won't be any Evil Sonic or Gun-toting Sonic or Sonic piloting a hovercraft or any of that crap. Just beautiful, loop-rolling, ring-grabbing nostalgia. Accelerometer controls will be included, but no word yet on Retina Display support - and we will be crushed if you neglect that, Sega. [148 Apps via IGN]

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