Sneak Peek Of The Nikon Coolpix P7000

Apparently, the folks at DPReview accidentally published their preview of the Nikon Coolpix P7000 a bit too early, and the eagle-eyed staff of NikonRumors caught it along with Google's cache. Verdict? The camera sounds great:

It has been a while since Nikon seriously threatened the 'luxury' compact camera market, but the Coolpix P7000 is Nikon's latest attempt to grab a slice of the action, and follows two rather disappointing models - the P5100 and P6000 - which, despite their high build quality and RAW capture modes, offered (amongst other problems) relatively poor image quality compared to their competitors.

With the P7000, Nikon has made a very clear break from the industrial design of previous P-series compacts. So much so that from every angle, the new camera much more closely resembles the Canon Powershot G11 than anything which has ever carried the 'Nikon' badge on its front plate. Like the G11, the P7000 is a fairly large, square camera, with plenty of external controls. Like the G11 it features a 3in LCD on its rear (albeit not an articulated one) and chunky, 'old fashioned' mode dials on its top plate. A flash hotshoe and optical viewfinder complete the impression of a camera that is a near-clone of its closest competitor. Even their sensors have almost identical specifications - 10MP CCDs with the same standard ISO range of 100-3200 at full resolution.

You can follow the links to the cached page to see the full preview. [Cache via NikonRumors via CrunchGear]

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