Shell Wants To Build Longest Vessel Ever To Skim Water's Surface

Let's put that into perspective, shall we? The Titanic was 269.1m in length; famous cruiser QE2 was 293.5m and the Mayflower was around 33.5m. Shell's proposed 468m-long ship is more like an island - minus the peg-legged drunks (hopefully).

All that hinges on this floating behemoth being built is whether the Australian government gives it the thumb's up. If that happens, it will be built in Korea and then towed down to an area off the coast of Northern-Western Australia, where it will act out its duties as the world's longest floating vessel - and as a Floating Liquefied Natural Gas plant. It will mine the Prelude gas field of all its valuables, so it can be sent to Australia far easier than building a pipe would be, considering the area is 475km off the coast. [New Scientist]

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