Sharp's Quattron 3DTVs Are The Brightest, Thanks To Yellow Pixels

Sharp's Quattron four-colour pixel tech is now in its 3D TVs, which Sharp says are the brightest 3D TVs around. It's hard to say without setting them next to another 3D TV, but they are pretty bright.

Sharps says the brightest because they've combined their Quattron tech with their X-Gen LCD panel.

The other standout feature is the 3D glasses. Two pairs come in the box, and they have a special 2D mode, so people who don't enjoy three-dimensional chicanery can watch Toy Story 3 in 2D while the rest of the family sees it in 3D. Right now, Sharp's the only one offering it, but how it works is so simple, everyone else is just gonna copy it: The active shutter is only synced to deliver the left-eye image, so there's no 3D effect.

In terms of notable services, the sets come with Vudu and Netflix. It'll actually convert 2D streaming content into 3D, so you can view The Godfather how Coppola never intended. It doesn't have Wi-Fi built in, but the dongle comes with the set, which it should, for the money. The 52-inch set's $US4200 and the 60-inch set is $US5300. [Sharp]

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