Set Your Font To 282,000,000,000 To Reach The Moon

Enlarged fonts have saved the arses of many a panicked student at three in the morning. But besides padding essays, what can a bigger font do for you? Crank it up to the billions and you can reach the moon.

As this will be a mission of not only intrepid spacefaring but true typography geekery, our vessel of choice will be, of course, Helvetica. Now we boldly format where no one has formatted before. With our font set to a staggering 282.6 billion points, we type a single word. That word? Helvetica, of course. At these settings, the letter "h" alone is 72,000km tall - easily dwarfing the earth itself - and the single word would span the entire 384,000km between us and the lunar surface.

You'll probably need a NASA-grade word processor, however, as my own sad experiment with Pages maxed out at a measly 1000 points. Pathetic! [Kottke]

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