Scientist And Wife Busted Trying To Sell Nuke Secrets To Venezuela

Want a ticket for the express line to federal prison? Try selling nuclear secrets to another country. A husband and wife duo - former contractors at the nuke-specialising Los Alamos National Lab - are indicted on charges of exporting secrets to Venezuela.

MSNBC reports the couple - Pedro and Marjorie Mascheroni - formed a relationship with an undercover American agent posing as a Venezuelan, who was promised that they could help Venezuela "develop a nuclear bomb within 10 years" using a secret underground reactor. Mr Mascheroni holds a PhD in physics, as well as crucially important access to restricted data after his tenure at Los Alamos. Knowledge he was perhaps not privy to was that Venezuela ratified the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean 40 years ago.

If convicted on all charges, the couple could face life in prison. [MSNBC]

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