Samsung Galaxy Tab Will Cost $999 Outright In Australia

It hardly needs any more publicity, but Samsung's Galaxy Tab was the centrepiece of a Samsung Christmas press launch at its Sydney HQ this evening. The big news? The tablet will cost $999 if you buy it outright.

While outright purchase is very appealing for us early adopters, Samsung is anticipating that the major sales will come through bundled contract deals with telcos (all the majors - 3, Optus, Telstra and Vodafone - are on board). Official release is scheduled for November, but no plan deals were unveiled at the launch.

Nick rated the Galaxy Tab as one of his top 10 IFA announcements, but I've got to admit I was a bit underwhelmed during my brief play with the device on show. As well as feeling a tad sluggish in performance, the Tab's habit of switching off the lighting behind the Android navigation buttons after a brief delay is really, really annoying.

To make it worse, to restore them, you need to tap the main screen, not the area where the buttons are. It felt really awkward compared to other Android devices. In this kind of form factor, I'd rather have a Dell Streak, but diversity is one of the key reasons why Android tablets are a welcome addition to the market.



    I don't get it.

    isn't that like.. more than the ipad?

    why does it cost more than the ipad?


    That is way too much for a small tablet and a double fail from samsung for not having standard connectors...

    Looks like I will sticking with my old faithful celeron 900 eepc netbook until they wake up and release a 10 inch capacitive touch tablet for a decent price..

    It is the same deal as the iPhone when it first came out.. There is still no competition to the iPad and they wonder why they don't sell as well when they do eventually ship..

    It's no wonder Steve is so rich..

    heh.. ha.. bwahahaahaa.. *wipes tears*, $999, really, that price tag is just stupid.. it should be closer to the $400 range.

    Too much, firstly has to be less than the ipad as thats the current benchmark or better than the ipad. I dont believe its better.

    Also with all of the other tablets coming out it just gives the consumer too much choice, and the consumer will go elsewhere.

    Only way it will succeed is by getting people into 2 year contracts, and I'm not sure that there are people willing to do this these days.

    eee pc on special 299
    ipad 16gb wifi +3g $797
    galaxy table $999 WTF??

    $999 is miserable pricing. Lets re-do the iPad ad...

    Android is... more expensive than iPad
    Android is... lousy user experience
    Android is... less apps

    Samsung killed this product even before it got out the door.

    I think the price is a bit much...

    However, comparing apples to apples, to spec the iPad up to the same (3G and WiFi) you're looking at close to the same price anyway.

    Still could be cheaper though

    still might get one.... mabee on contract ..could be my new 3g/wifi dispencer.providing our telco's dont mess with it.price is still way too high ....$400 is unrealistic $600 is affordable (just) but $999 is outrageous !! for that it would wanna be 64gb internals come with all docks/acces and blow me at least once a week......
    anyone know if will we have a voice capable dev here in oz?

    whats wierd about these tablets is that people expect them to be cheaper then the actual phones they are based on. and they often got to wonder how the fuck apple manage it...oh yeah they didnt put a phone in it. remember the galaxy s is $850 or there abouts outright and the tab is essentially a bigger version of that.

    i do agree on one thing though. they should have left the phone out and make it cheaper.

      Completely Agree.

      The Samsung Tab is a larger scale version of the Galaxy S (even has phone capabilities). I could see this as a replacement to my outdated iPhone 3G considering I was thinking of purchasing the iPad anyway. Samsung Tab all the way!

      so why the hell do phone internals cost so much???

      the ONLY reason they think they can get away with it: the same as phones, and not like the ipad, is because they are going to trick people into 2 year contracts with a monthly fee. people are such suckers for them!! they see a big initial outlay and they would go "too expensive, do not want" but when its 'only' $60 a month...

      people are stupid.

    Brace for the attack of the Apple fanboiz. Samsung really should have aimed this at the entry level ipad buyers. The Apple brand name carries alots of weight and the generally they do look after their customers. Samsung has yet to prove it will support an ecosystem of Galaxy devices rather than drop support in favour of their newest devices. I'd like a Galaxy tab but much how future support will I get Sansung?

    I was thinking around 700 - 80- given thats the price of a base iPad with 3G adn a bigger screen and more apps. I mean yeah the tab can do voice calls....but who is really going to buy a 7 Inch tablet to be their primary phone? Might as well go back to the 80's and lug around phones that take up 2 suit cases.

    Sorry Samsung, but you missed the mark here...even if it is carrier subsided...I bawk at signing 2 year contracts for phones...much less a tablet which will spend 99% of its time connected to a WiFi network.

    Way too much for another 'Highly Discretionary Device'

    what's the pricing in the US? with the AUD v USD so good, might be worth buying from OS.....

    Nice knowing you, Galaxy Tab. You'll go down as one of the biggest anti-climax launches in recent years.

    I'll give you $650. Take it or leave it. Looks like it's leave it.

    They will sell a lot of these. I'm glad they didn't try to gimp them to make them cheaper. I can see them being genuinely useful devices. I think the complete lack of apps will hurt its functionality and sales. I wonder if the sluggishness of your demo unit could have been fixed by a task killer. Android is meant to handle task management but it's useless at it meaning if the phone is running slow, kill tasks and voila, you're back up to speed. That processor is f'in fast! Any chance of posting some quadrant scores once you get a hold of one in the wild?

      "complete lack of apps"?

      Are you still living in 2007?

      Um... Android's app market is already nipping on Apple's heels. We're talking 200,000 last count. Combine this with plenty of iPhone apps already porting over to android and the accelerating nature of development, your point is entirely moot.

    Early stuff is always expensive. This is basically prototype, Android licensing currently does not allow for bigger than this type of device, thats where Chrome OS was supposed to fit in. At the moment manufacturers are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Theres no reason not to run a fully baked touch linux on a 10" device. I think the manufacturers themselves see these as transitional.

    Errrr.... Hardware wise the Galaxy TAB has voice dialing, front facing camera for video calling and HDMI out. The iPAD does NOT have these hardware features. These are three features that to me justify the price difference between the iPAD and the Galaxy TAB. Saying that I would prefer it was a lot cheaper!!

      Putting phones in these devices is just ridiculous. It's a "look at me, i'm different!" feature that is just a complete waste of money. Same with the HDMI garbage. Front facing camera I can understand people wanting, but otherwise...

    I was seriously considering this device because it was a decent alternative to an apple product in a form factor I was genuinely interested in.

    I thought there was no WAY this thing could possibly be more expensive than the iPad (which I then used to justify its potential purchase). Sorry Samsung, I'm sure many will agree that a flat grand is far too much.

    What's most confusing is why Samsung shoe-horned in the phone into this? No-one is seriously going to be using a Galaxy Tab as their primary phone. They should have just stuck with Apple's MO and released a Wi-Fi only version with a 3G-capable premium with optional data plans.

      Im admiting something here that everyone will disagree with, but i think this is a good size for a device that is a phone, organiser and a Smart device (refering to Email and downloadable apps).
      I would prefer to have one of these than carry a Phone and iPad (not that i would ever buy an iPad) as i find small smartphones (iPhones and HTCs) difficult to use with my large fingers.

    Wow...every time I come to Gizmodo it is always how great the iPad is, then when something that is truely as good, or better, as the iPad comes along it is all whinges. I have to agree, the iPad is fantastic, but the Galaxy Tab is just as fantastic, it is just...well..different. I would like to point everyone to this article posted up on Tech Crunch recently:

    It really brings to the front what the Tab is all about, and give you a true view of its supposed "sluggishness," personally I can't see where it is sluggish. But that is just my perception from this video.

    In any case what makes me go for the Galaxy is that it is using android, which is an open OS, and the hardware specs are very nice. I plan on picking one up this November in fact.

    As for the phone comments above, the phone inside these devices is not meant to be used by ear. That would just be plain silly; however, if you have a blue tooth headset, this would be fantastic. For someone like me that only uses their mobile to make "phone calls" maybe twice a day, this is perfect. It would give me the feel of a tablet, the power of a laptop, and the functionality of a really really good smartphone.

    The reason it is more expensive than the iPad, is that it offers more than the iPad. You pay more to get more. Granted, I would not argue in a heartbeat if they lowered the price, in fact I do think it is a bit steep; but, I do understand why it is priced at its market value.

    Overall it is a good device, with good specs. It is open, functionally brillant, and a nice looking piece of hardware. It is a bit on the steep side, but well worth it. Personally I do want one and cannot wait till they come out in November.

    (Note: You can get the Tab on a contract plan with a carrier, which will lower the price in the short term, which may be a plus for people like me)

      A good reply I think Vangrat, what is up with every one wanting things for nothing and when an ipad competitor comes along there does not seem to be a decent comparison except every one just wants it to be cheaper...

      Lets try and be fair to the Samsung, you can’t expect it to cost $200-$400... The base model ipad does not even come with wifi or 3G at the lowest price of AU$629!

      iPad vs Galaxy
      Screen: 9.7″ vs 7″
      Multitouch: Yes vs Yes
      Memory: 16/32/64GB vs 16/32GB?
      expandable Storage: NO vs MicroSD slot
      CPU: 1Ghz vs 1Ghz
      RAM: 256MB vs 512MB
      Multitasking: NO vs Yes
      Camera: No vs Yes (1x front + 1x back)
      Phone: No vs Yes
      Bluetooth: 2.1 vs 3
      GPS: 3G model only vs Yes
      Battery: 10 hrs video vs 7 hrs video
      Media Support: Apple Mov, Mp4 vs DivX, Xvid, WMV, Flash
      Flash Support: No vs Yes
      Apps: Appstor vs Android market + non market apps
      Weight: 730grams vs 380grams
      16GB Price: $799 (wifi+3G) vs $999

      Galaxy over the ipad:
      - Smaller Screen (Larger version is in the works apparently?)
      - 2x Camera’s
      - Double the RAM
      - True multitasking
      - Mobile Phone replacement (single device)
      - Bluetooth 3
      - Better media support (flash + video formats)
      - Not limited to an “appstore”
      - 15grams short of being half the weight of iPAD

      All up I don’t think it’s a bad device compared to the iPAD to be honest a price match of say $799 would be nice but it is a more feature rich device so perhaps $899 might be a good price to be competitive with iPAD.

      Also comparing $200 devices to this is just silly look at the specifications guys $200 cheap units out of china are crap compared to both the iPAD and Galaxy, lets be a little more realistic and offer better comparisons rather than saying you want to buy the Galaxy for a silly price that is simply not possible for it’s specifications!

      Thats my 2cents worth...

    You lot of whining so and so get a grip Samsung has spent a fortune get out an ipad killer and it is. Its got all the missing bits that ipad needed I have been a windows user for 20 years I own an iphone and love it. Went on holidays the other month and was able to access my emails access my servers from my phone. I was waiting for an new version of the ipad to come out with the things it was missing like bluetooth extra storage. Now the galaxy features everything the ipad has and more think about it. As a mobile user I [email protected]#King hate lugging my laptop around with a mediocre operating system. The galaxy will be light portable and THE FIRST TRUE CONVERGENCE product on the market. Think about it will replace a ipad, a gps, and a laptop, and for the price of less then a grand. I can't wait I will be buying one for myself and my business partner. IT's A PORTABLE DEVICE that lets you do everything you need that you can put in your suite pocket. rejoice star trek technology is here.

    Ok - call me crazy but wouldn't a better comparison for this be to an iPhone rather than an iPad??? Try holding an iPad to your ear and using it as a phone.

    Crap - scratch that last comment - I was thinking of the Galaxy S phone ... Ooops

      let's call you crazy

    Why would I get this when I can wait for the Notion Ink Adam? Also runs android, has a Pixel Qi screen to boot, and with better specs all around for less?

    I think that Samsung are going to find themselves very quickly priced out of the market by their own choice

      The Notion Ink Adam will knock the socks off any tablet. Including that apple thing. I cant even do video out on an iphone without converting the file to mp4 and going through itunes. Why all the restrictions. I wish I never got involved in any apple mobile device.
      Android is the way of the future.

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