Samsung Galaxy Tab Will Be On Every Major US Carrier

Samsung's Galaxy Tab - which still sounds more like a horrendous soft drink with a movie tie-in than an Android tablet - is coming to every major US carrier this year: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

It's "arriving in time for holiday shopping," according to Samsung. What they're not talking about is price: How much the Tab is going to cost, and how much it'll cost after the carriers knock off a couple hundred bucks in exchange for tying yourself to them for two years. They're calling it a "premium" device though, so expect slightly 'spensive.

Dear God, let the Sprint version have 4G. (Update: Nope. Boooo.)

This is what Samsung's Media Hub looks like on the Tab. Media Hub is like their version of iTunes but for video - you can rent or buy movies and TV shows and share them with up to five other Media Hub devices (right now, other Galaxy devices).

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