Roll A Yahtzee, Then A Bonus Yahtzee, On Your iPad

Yahtzee was a standby growing up, so I'm pleased that Yahtzee HD is a fun, faithful update of the original. You lose the joy of rolling the dice, but gain the joy of not having to fill out the scorecard.

As with many of these iPad updates of classic games, there are a bunch of new game modes that I'll probably never get around to trying, despite my best intentions ("adventure mode" kinda makes sense for Where's Waldo, but for Yahtzee, even with the new exotic-ish animated avatars, I'm not buying it). Thankfully though, the heart of the app is good old Yahtzee - roll five dice up to three times to knock out your numbers, your three-of-a-kinds, your large straights and all the rest.

Playing Yahtzee on the iPad, as you'd expect, is much shinier than playing with the set you have in your game closet - in this one, you play against illustrated computer characters in front of an animated desert campfire scene - but the game makes it simple to pick up right where you left off however many years ago: tapping dice or dragging them to a tray sets them aside, and touching the cup (grooved lengthwise, just like the physical one was) rolls the dice, which jumble around off the wall and each other, just how you remember them rolling. And when you finally roll five of the same number, you get one of these:

There's no real online multiplayer mode, though you can post your scores to Facebook and you can play real-life, pass-the-iPad-around multiplayer with up to four people. At some points you might ask yourself if taking the real, physical, you-know-its-random dice rolling out of the game ruins the experience, but then you see that grooved cup and everything's gravy. $6. [iTunes]

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