Rent The Balancing Barn At Your Own Peril

Architects took on gravity and won, and now daredevils can pay almost $300 a night to stay in the "balancing barn", where 50 per cent of the building dangles precariously off a slope.

Thankfully, it doesn't appear that a swing was built-in under the barn as the concept pictures suggested last year. Everything else about the barn in Suffolk, England, however matches up perfectly - albeit scarily. The website describes the house as being "clad in elegant silver tiles", however I'd watch out on a sunny day if I were you - they look capable of reflecting some mean sunlight.

Construction has just been completed and already the website is taking online bookings from next month. Stays of four nights cost £725 ($1180), which works out to a little under $300 a night for the eight person-sleeper. I'd suggest packing a first aid kit just in case. [Living Architecture via Dezeen]

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