Quincy Jones' Harmon Signature Headphones

Dr. Dre has his own Beats line of headphones, in which the name means both beats, like in music, and beats, as in the overly heavy bass beats you in the head. Now Quincy Jones does too, from AKG by Harmon.

There are three different lines of headphones: The Q701 reference headphones for $US480, the smaller Q460, on-ear foldable mini headphones for $US230, and the Q350 in-ear headphones for $US150. The two lower-end headphones are both iPhone compatible with in-line mics and remote control, whereas the top, Q701 is more about accurate sound reproduction.

We'll have to hear them to see how they sound, but Quincy is putting not just his name, but his reputation on them:

This is the best quality sound I've heard in headphones, ever. And I'm proud my name is on them.

All three will be available in October. [AKG]

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