Quantum Chess Kills Computers

An undergraduate computer science student has created a "quantum chess" game that stumps computers' ability to search all possible outcomes of possible moves by having chess pieces mimic particles that are subject to quantum mechanics.

The chess pieces follow the principle of superposition: they can exist in multiple states until you try to move them (or in the case of quantum physics, until you try to measure a particle's position or momentum).

Alice Wismath, the game's creator, kindly showed some compassion for human players of the game though, by setting up some rules so the pieces don't morph completely randomly. Based on these rules, participants in the quantum chess tournament (which was held in Kingston, Ontario) were still able to use strategy to try to beat the game. So if you've grown tired of regular old chess games and are looking for a more intense challenge, maybe you should enter the next competition. [CBC News via Geekosystem]

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