Poo Log iOS App Does What It Says On The Tin

At $1.19 for the iPhone app and $2.49 for the HD iPad version, the price will quickly separate those who want to download Poo Log for shits and giggles and those who have an actual need to track their "movements".

The App Store description says - rather optimistically - "Finally! What every iPhone and iPod Touch has been waiting for – the Poo Log, a digital timer and journal for recording and studying the wondrous uniqueness of each bowel movement."

Features include a poo timer to keep track of just how long you spend on the job, a graph for seeing when your last "delivery" was, and the poo log tracks important details such as how many grunts were required, the size and shape and the number of particles.

...Not to mention the "poo pastimes" trivia game, which tests your knowledge of bodily functions. Really, if you're considering buying this app, you should probably cart yourself off to the doctor instead. [iTunes iPhone app, iTunes iPad app via Recombu]

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