Point iPhone At Sky, See Augmented Reality Info As Planes Fly

Plane Finder AR adds a layer of augmented reality to its previous (and free) Plane Finder app, now charging $4 for the privilege of seeing the flight number, speed, destination and other such details of overhead planes.

The same developer is making a name for itself in transportation apps, with its Airline Finder acting as a guide to all the various airline planes in the world; Ship Finder showing real-time movements of our aquatic vessels; and the real-time Plane Finder and Plane Finder Free apps, which only has $6 and detailed aircraft information on each plane between them.

This latest one, Plane Finder AR, displays augmented reality information on the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4's screens when pointed at a plane in the sky. Little thumbnails appear, highlighting the flight number, speed, altitude, last port of call and destination, and how far away it is from you.

It works by picking up the ADS-B data from the planes, which is why not every plane the iPhone is pointed at has information to be displayed. [iTunes via Recombu]



    I'm actually a bit taken-aback that this information is so publically available.

    Wow, this is fairly amazing. Definetely makes me want to purchase a iPhone 4 now. On the other end of the scale though, its also quite frightening. This could be some useful information for some "Terrorist" group. I personally absolutely love it though!!!

    "in news just to hand the threat of iphone controlled missiles have caused an international airspace lockdown, Steve Jobs was quoted as saying 'I told them they would pay for confiscating my ninja throwing star at customs'"

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