Play 3D Blu-rays (If You Can Find Any!) On Buffalo's Portable Drive

Most of Buffalo's products wind up Stateside after their initial Japanese launch, so it's fairly safe to say this portable 3D Blu-ray drive can be added to your wishlist—if you have a 3D-supporting monitor, that is.

There are a few 3D monitors already available, but with 3D being a big theme for companies now, we can expect more to be added in the coming months—and at lower prices, too. In the meantime, Acer's GD235HZ, Alienware's OptX AW2310 and especially ASUS' PG276 (the largest monitor yet, at 27-inches) are worthy contenders.

Buffalo's BP3D-PI6U2-BK drive works by plugging into a Windows XP, Vista or 7 computer, and obviously lets you watch 3D content, but can also burn Blu-ray discs too. Currently, the Japanese-to-USD conversion sets it at $US345, but don't be surprised if the final figure is much lower than that when it launches in the US. [Buffalo via CrunchGear]

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