Pixel Qi Working On 7-Inch Backlit LCD/Transflective Tablet Displays

Smaller, 7-inch backlit LCD/transflective displays are on their way next year, claims Pixel Qi, for use in mini tablets and eReaders. They'll be available to manufacturers early next year and could be in our hands late 2011, if all goes well.

Rumours persist of a smaller iPad, with many people believing that nine inches (or, in the Notion Ink Adam's case, 10 inches) is just too much for a tablet. A 7-incher, like Samsung's Galaxy S, just feels a lot more portable, and a 7-incher with one of these gorgeous screens, capable of switching between backlit LCD to transflective for outdoors use? No contest. Especially when compared with the iPad's screen. [Pixel Qi via E-Ink Info via SlashGear]

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