Papershow Digital Pen Now Available With Mac Support

Branching out after years of PC support, the Papershow digital pen is now available for Macs, working much like a LiveScribe does, only it displays scribbles and written words onscreen instantly.

It works just like the PC version, with the tiny infrared camera located in the pen syncing any doodles or words scrawled on the interactive paper automatically to the Mac via Bluetooth. Images or spreadsheets can also be transferred from the Mac to the paper, for writing - or defacing - instantly. While it'd obviously be handy in office situations, with the words appearing instantly onscreen, it could also cut down time transcribing meetings, as the USB dongle allows 8m of roaming between the Mac and pen.

After being shown off at Macworld earlier this year, it is now available across the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia for $US200/£189. [Papershow]

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