Panasonic's Robot Is Going To Wash That (Hu)Man Outta Your Hair

There's nothing worse than an overly chatty hairdresser. Someone harping on about their snotty-nosed children or how lazy their husband is. Bring on the robots, I say. Especially if they can store memories on a customer's preferred massage treatment.

Unfortunately, these robots won't be replacing Kelly or Charlene at the local Cut 'N Trim anytime soon. Instead, they'll be assisting the elderly Japanese in care homes, with the robots also moonlighting as wheelchairs and electric beds for the individual.

Betty, which is the name I've just christened the bot, also has another trick Kelly and Charlene can't do. She's got 16 fingers, which makes every stroke on your scalp feel like like a heavenly massage sent from Akihabara. And in case you weren't entirely convinced this was a robot, there's the ubiquitous LEDs too. [Engadget]

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