NX10 To Get Firmware Update To Support i-Function Lenses

Samsung announced the NX100 today, and while the new style (which is apparently designed to mimic a drop of dew forming on a leaf or something), may be what sell units, the much more impressive side of the camera is the i-Function lenses, which bring full manual control to the lens of the camera. The good news is that Samsung plan on bringing support for i-Function lenses to the NX10 as well.

According to Sagar Dave, marketing manager for digital imaging at Samsung Australia, the Korean company has definite plans to introduce support for the new lenses in the NX10, either by the end of this year or possibly early 2011. Considering the added benefit of having the ability to control functionality in real time using controls on the camera's lens, this is great news for anyone who already owns an NX10.

Nick’s in Hong Kong for the launch of the NX100 courtesy of Samsung.

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