New OnStar Coming With Facebook, Trapster

GM's next generation OnStar will get a major upgrade and challenge Ford's Sync system with infotainment options. In addition to OnStar's well-known unparalleled route guidance and safety assistance services, the new system will get apps like Trapster and Facebook.

A Bloomberg story outlines the differences in the new version of OnStar, which should focus its attention on more features designed to make Sync less of a deal maker for their rivals and outline the advantages of OnStar's always-on fat data pipe connection.

They're reporting it'll add text message voice translation, and somehow, Facebook. Will you be able to "like" places you see on the road or "share" routes with your friends? We'll find out soon. As for other features, we're all but certain super popular mobile app Trapster is also getting added to the mix.

The proof is in the pudding, and the pudding in this case is a brand new CTS-V with manufacturer tags in the Trapster World HQ parking lot. The company's taking the loose-lips-sink-ships approach, but they've told us in the past an OEM partnership is in the works and this photo from the Trapster Facebook page seems to confirm it.

Republished from Jalopnik.

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