New Crop Of 3DTVs Will Skip The Fancy Glasses

If you have a problem with 3DTV, it might be an aversion to the bulky, battery-powered, and frankly, rather dorky glasses they require. But a new generation of screens might let you simplify the experience with cheap, low-tech glasses.

RealD, the company that distributes many of the glasses you pick up before heading to a 3D film in theatres, has announced a new panel technology they're calling Zscreen. TVs equipped with Zscreen will, when used in conjunction with RealD's own cheap eyewear, produce a 3D effect without the need for an IR emitter of battery powered glasses.

With manufacturers tripping over themselves to pack the 3DTV bandwagon as heavily as possible, we're not sure how they'll react to the new tech—they've been trying for a while now to sell us on being comfortable with the whole battery and IR setup. RealD's president says he expects the passive specs to be sold alongside the current gen of 3D sets for several years, so don't expect anything to hit obsolete status quite yet - though this could very well be the cheaper, lighter future of home 3D. [HD Guru]

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