myFry: Stephen Fry's Autobiography In Easy-To-Read Format

It only figures that a man of Stephen Fry's internet standing should be feathering his nest with apps a'plenty, and MyFry - while pricey - should be a must-buy for any fans of the scribe's words.

Like with FryPaper, his free app from a few months back that presented his blog as a virtual magazine, MyFry digitises his autobiography The Fry Chronicles, opening it up with four categories - People, Subjects, Feelings and Fryisms.

He promises it's not just "doing something rather prosaic like reproducing the printed book on a touchscreen" - rather it's the "unique visual index" of the aforementioned four categories, which enable you to "discover and interact with Stephen's story in new and unexpected ways".

Created by the English marketing agency Dare, it costs £8 in the UK or 17 Australian dollars. [iTunes]

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