Motorola Milestone Will Get Android 2.2 Update... Next Year

We know you've been just dying to hear whether your Milestone will get Froyo. The good news first: Froyo is incoming! The bad news: you have to wait until "Q1 2011", which means you'll have maybe six months to enjoy Froyo before your contract expires.

The Milestone - aka the Droid - was one of the best smartphones you could get when it launched in the US almost a year ago, with its skinny sliding body and dazzling 267ppi display. Optus announced back in July that they would be selling the Milestone on contract, but it doesn't appear to be linked with a carrier anymore.

The upgrade to Froyo will give the QWERTY slider handset faster browsing speeds, support for Flash tethering, as well as 720p HD video recording powers.

Motorola's software update page also says that their Motoblur-branded Backflip and Dext are "under evaluation" for an upgrade to Froyo. Fingers crossed!


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